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Amy Shore

Amy Shore
SUNY Oswego

Amy Shore is an assistant professor in the cinema and screen studies program at SUNY Oswego.

Shore graduated cum laude from the University of Delaware, with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish Literature. She received her master’s degree and Ph.D. in cinema studies from New York University. Shore, 37, is co-owner of Heimes Communication, LLC, and a member of the Center for Communication and Information Technology and ARTSwego at SUNY Oswego.

Shore came to SUNY Oswego in 2005 in order to help launch a cinema and screen studies program for undergraduate students. In February 2007, the program was approved by SUNY central. The program has grown to include nearly 70 majors working in the areas of screenwriting, directing, cinematography and critical studies of film history and theory. “These students are already accomplishing great work,” Shore said. “A team of graduating students produced the first feature-length student film last spring with original screenplay and score. Another graduate won second place in a national screenwriting award program.”

Outside of SUNY Oswego, Shore co-led the development of a $10.5 million five-year federal Teacher Incentive Fund Grant for 10 public charter schools in New York City. “I believe that public education … is the civil rights issue of our era,” Shore said. “I have made the choice to work in public education, where I aim to create and develop outstanding programs that rival those of private institutions but are available to a wider range of students.” (AC)