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Fred Vigeant

Fred Vigeant

Fred Vigeant is the program director at the WRVO stations in Oswego.

He received a Bachelor of Science degree in communications at SUNY Oswego. Vigeant, 29, is secretary of the Oswego County Professional Journalist and Communicators, as well as a member of the Associated Press and the Syracuse Press Club. He began work at the WRVO stations as a part-time student employee. Vigeant moved up to operations manager after graduation.

In 2006, he was promoted to his current position as program director, which is what Vigeant considers his most significant accomplishment. “This is one of the single most important jobs at any radio station,” Vigeant said. His efforts as program director led to the automation of WRVO during parts of the weekdays as well as most hours during the weekend. Automation allows for on-air station staff to prerecord the breaks. It also performs a variety of other redundant actions, resulting in a more efficiently run station.

The every day challenge of radio life is what drives Vigeant. “Although on the outside it may seem like radio is radio, a lot goes into making sure every minute of every day sounds great,” he said. The WRVO station has the largest audience of the three public radio stations in the central New York region with close to 80,000 listeners a week. “There is always a challenge and I feel like I’m always put to the test,” Vigeant said. “I like having the adventure every day and feeling good when an issue is resolved.” (AC)