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Grace Mukupa

Grace Mukupa
SUNY Oswego

Grace Mukupa is the student involvement coordinator at SUNY Oswego.

She received a bachelor’s degree in political science and journalism from Southern Connecticut State University and a master of business administration from SUNY Oswego. As a student involvement coordinator, Mukupa, 25, is responsible in directing and advising 20 Greek organizations at SUNY Oswego.

She also coordinates the African, Latino, Asian and Native American organizations. Mukupa coordinated the ALANA conference, which features speakers and events designed to “bring the campus community together to understand and appreciate different cultures,” she said. “The publicity was great and the turnout was amazing,” Mukupa said about the conference. “We had events that had over 500 people attend.”

Prior to her position as student involvement coordinator, Mukupa instructed a course at SUNY Oswego. The course, "Critical Issues in Higher Education" included reading and grading papers, bringing in speakers to class to discuss various issues as well has teaching and discussing how to handle counseling issues with students.

What drives Mukupa to success is the characteristics of her childhood. “In my first grade I sat down in a classroom on a brick, had no table, not even a text book,” Mukupa recalls. “This was the first time my eyes opened up to the outside world,” she added. “ I became passionate about learning and it did not matter if I learned sitting in a chair or on a brick. The most important thing was that I was conscious about learning.” (AC)