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Mark Lavonier

Mark Lavonier

Mark Lavonier is a producer and program host for the WRVO stations located on the SUNY Oswego campus.

Lavonier, 30, is the local host of “All Things Considered” and numerous other radio projects and presentations.

He takes great pride in hosting “The WRVO Playhouse,” which includes the broadcast of classic radio programs from decades ago. “It has given me a chance to reinterpret that time and share it with listeners,” Lavonier said about the show. “My satisfaction comes from the response of listeners who appreciate the station and all of the programs.” He added. “I’ve received some heartfelt and heartwarming stories from people reliving memories as they listen.”

In March 2008 he developed the idea for the “Dreamt House Show.”
“I feel that the show changed people’s minds in the community about how we as artists and musicians could change how typical music is normally enjoyed,” he added.

Lavonier is driven by the love of the audio arts. “The fact that our imagination is our most powerful asset and with the use and enjoyment of sound, we can achieve great fulfillment in our private and professional lives,” he said.

Prior to becoming a radio producer and program host, Lavonier was certified as a nurse aide and also spent eight years as a restaurant chef.(AC)