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Michelle Spinner

Michelle Spinner
Oswego Alumni Association

Michelle Spinner is the associate director of the Oswego Alumni Association.

She graduated with a bachelor’s in elementary education and a Bachelor of Arts in music, both from SUNY Oswego. Spinner, 32, also obtained a Master of Education in college student affairs from the University of South Florida.

As associate director of the Oswego Alumni Association, Spinner assists in the orientation of 1,500 first-year and 700 transfer students. During her time in the alumni operation at SUNY Oswego, Spinner has been able to dramatically increase participation in the program as well as increase the financial support. “It is extremely rewarding knowing that I helped these students meet goals and see their potential as a group,” Spinner said.

While managing the alumni/student mentoring program, participation of students has increased by 162 percent. She created a young alumni outreach program in collaboration with the development office resulting in an increase of financial giving by 26 percent.

Spinner also serves on the athletic board for SUNY Oswego and has been working on fundraising efforts for the Syracuse area’s YMCA. “Educating our future leaders and finding support to promote higher education in the public sector is such an important endeavor,” Spinner said. “I am so proud to be part of this process.” (AC)