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Susan Aldrich Linerode

Susan Aldrich Linerode

Susan Aldrich Linerode works from home in medical device sales for Endologix, Inc. based out of California.

Linerode, 38, has been among the top sales representatives for Endologix over the past five years. She received a bachelor’s degree in political science from SUNY Oswego, where she graduated cum laude.
Linerode is the village trustee of Mexico. She is also the parks and recreation commissioner and runs all recreational programs in Mexico.

“Our mission is to offer mentally and physically challenging programs to the youth of Mexico, regardless of ability,” Linerode said.
She led an effort to design, fund and build a community skate park after the community was experiencing issues as a result of youth skateboarders. The BMX and skateboard facility that was built as a result of her efforts now has over 500 different riders at the facility since June 2008.

She has trained dozens of vascular surgeons on endovascular repair of aortic abdominal and thoracic aneurysms. “This technique is a less invasive treatment than traditional open repair and offers lower morbidity and mortality rates,” Linerode said about the procedure.

What drives her to excel is the ability she has in affecting people’s lives.
“In both business and community, I have a passion for helping others,” Linerode said. “I want to make a difference
and use my skills and talent to achieve those objectives.” (AC)