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Terry Matthew Wilbur

Terry Matthew Wilbur
Student, SUNY Oswego

At 20 years old, Terry Matthew Wilbur has already taken part in numerous community programs and activities.

He is a Hannibal Village trustee, where he devotes about five hours a week. Wilbur also participates as co-chairman of the Hannibal Recreation Park Committee. “We are working on building a recreation park where the community can come together and celebrate the place where we live,” he said. “We are looking to replicate the historic two-story gazebo which was in our village square in the early 1960’s.” The committee is also trying to create a skateboard park in the community.

Wilbur is also a chairman for both the Hannibal Republican Committee and the Oswego County Young Republicans. Through these committees, he helps sponsor Republican candidates running for office. Depending on the election season, Wilbur volunteers for up to 10 hours a week. He graduated cum laude from Cayuga Community College in 2008 with an associate’s degree in criminal justice. Presently, he is attending SUNY Oswego as a political science major. “One of the awards I am most proud of is the New York State Sheriff’s Association Award. I received this award after graduating Cayuga Community College,” he said.

In addition, Wilbur has received a Service Award from AmeriCorps of Oswego County in appreciation for his service. He is the son of Terry and Virginia Wilbur. “I believe people are lacking a sense of community these days, and we need to build the communities back up again,” he said. (EA)