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Atom Avery

Atom Z. Avery
Entrepreneur, Local Investor

Atom Z. Avery is the owner of The Beacon Hotel Oswego NY, the All Seasons Inn Corp., Avery Rental Properties I & II, LLC, and OswegoHousing.com.

He is also a full-time investor and entrepreneur. He formerly worked as a security guard for Entergy Nuclear Northeast. “After many dedicated years with Entergy Nuclear Northeast, I was able to resign from my job in 2012 to become a full-time investor at the age of 33. I’m pretty proud of that,” Avery said.

Avery recently developed The Beacon Hotel Oswego NY on West Bridge Street as a boutique hotel. “Transforming a historic building had challenges with architecture, budget and a timeline. However, we had an amazing team and we were able to transform the former Knights of Columbus building into a beautiful boutique hotel,” he said.

Avery serves on the board of directors for the Oswego County Federal Credit Union, is a member of the Oswego County Airport Advisory Board, and recently was asked to serve on the Oswego Health Board of Directors. He also participated in the Oswego County Habitat for Humanity’s “Dancing With the Community Stars” program with his wife Falecia and raised over $14,000.

He also volunteered to help lay the roof on one of the homes during its construction phase. “I have a passion for housing and real estate, so it is nice to give back and help a family in need,” he said.

Avery is training for the Tri-Oswego 2013 Triathlon. Last year, he competed in the sprint version. “All I was looking to do then was finish. This year, I’m ready to raise the bar,” he said. “I don’t allow setbacks to stop me. I remind myself, that there are no problems, only solutions,” he said.