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Vinny Lobdell

Vinny Lobdell
Executive VP/President, HealthWay Home Products/PURE Global

Vinny Lobdell is the president of HealthWay/PURE Global in Pulaski.

Lobdell, 33, earned a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing-economics at SUNY Oswego. He is enrolled in an EO/MIT Entrepreneurial Master’s degree program.

At Pulaski High School, he was all state in men’s hockey and all-league in men’s baseball.

He has been president of PURE Global since last October, and executive vice president at HealthWay Home Products since 2005.

He considers his most significant professional accomplishment to be growing HealthWay to be on the Inc. 500’s fastest-growing private companies list in the United States.

“I love the feeling success gives you. Success never comes easy and the challenges along the way give success its true meaning,” Lobdell said. “My children, family and community drive me to excel in all things I do.”

He was instrumental in developing an award-winning line of all-natural green cleaning products, terafore.

Lobdell tackled the air cleaning market by developing and executing the company’s strategy of implementing PURE allergy friendly rooms. The PURE program has become the hospitality industry’s leading amenity worldwide.

“We do a tremendous amount of community work. My father, Vincent Lobdell Sr., and our company V-squared is in the process of breathing new life into the village of Pulaski,” he said.

V-squared has been involved in several rehabilitation projects, including the historic Ontario Iron Works building.

He also has achieved a personal goal by traveling to 50 countries by the time he was 30.

“My most significant achievement is my three healthy children,” he said.