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George Allen

Northwestern Mutual

Job Description:
Provides expert financial guidance and ideas to business and industry.
Education: Bachelor's in business, SUNY Oswego
Civic Leadership: member of Oswego Rotary Club; Planned Gifts Committee for Oswego Hospital; executive board for Hiawatha Seaway Council/Boy Scouts of America; member of Oswego Alliance Church

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Why did you stay involved with Boy Scouts?
"I became an Eagle Scout when I was in my teens. After college I got away from that and then I ran into a member of the administrative board. He asked for my help and I was glad to give it back. One of my primary roles is directing "Lobsterfest," a fundraiser held every July. I've been chairing it for five or six years and brought in $100,000-plus to the Boy Scouts. I like giving back to an organization that has tremendous values, training and leadership skills for young people."
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

"I think of that often. I want to continue being involved with the committee, with the Boy Scouts and with Oswego Hospital Planned Gifts. I want to continue raising my kids with excellent values and having a successful business by helping others."

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