Job Description: Owner/Web producer
Art Institute of Pittsburgh — A.S. in television and film production
Civic Leadership:
Collaborates with Tobacco Free New York, Reality Check and Camp Hollis

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How did you go from computer science to owning a skate park?
"It started about five years ago. I was living in Connecticut and working as a programmer. My mom called me and told me that the city skate park in Oswego was closing down. I worked from home at the time so I moved back and started a park. I knew the loss of the park would be a big hit to the local industry and that the kids wouldn't have anywhere to go. So I partnered up with my brother Doug to make a park ."
What drove you to bring an indoor skate park to Oswego?

"I was from this area and grew up as a skater. In Oswego, you get six or seven months to skate outside and a lot of room, but then you have a lot of space to fill."
What are some of your youth skill-building activities?
"We focus a lot on youth. They can never learn too much at this age. The kids helped us build the ramps at the park. Before that, most of them couldn't read a tape measure. Now we can give them dimensions and they go build a ramp. My Dad taught me a lot about construction. I want to pass that along and give them skills for life."
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
"With a very large skate park and working from home. I will also be happily married."

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