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Darci BakerProgram Director, Little Lukes Childcare Center, Oswego

Job Description:
Handles all enrollment for typical and special education children from infants to school-age.
Education: M.E.D. in elementary education.
Civic Leadership: Member of national association for the Education of Young Children; member of Intergenerational program Committee and fundraises for American Diabetes Association

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How did you get involved with diabetes fundraising?
"The idea really came from the staff as a whole. As we care for a population of students that may have different disabilities, syndromes or childhood illnesses, it was important to all of us to contribute to charities. We started with the ADA because we care for students with diabetes. For the entire school year, staff was encouraged to wear jeans every friday and donate a dollar to do so. This year we are fundraising again and the money we collect will go to a number of different children's charities."
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

"There's nothing i could love more than what I currently do. I am able yo work with so many children, families and educators. I don't know exactly where the next 10 years will lead me, but it's definite that I will be working in the field of caring for children and their families. I love children, so that piece is critical to whatever I do professionally."

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