A. Baker


Job Description: Assistant VP/relationship manager for Oswego County, Alliance Bank
SUNY Oswego-B.S. business administration Civic involvement: Secretary-Young Professionals (YP) Voice; Secretary-Fitzhugh Park Home & School Association; Hospice Marketing and Annual Regatta committees; Harborfest Sponsorship Committees

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How do you feel you help the county as a banker?
"I do small and big business loans for anyone in Oswego County. Iım helping economic development by assisting and financing certain projects. Being able to facilitate growth in the economy is important to me."
You consider Leadership Oswego County to be one of your greatest achievements. Why is that?

"It's a group that I am proud to be part of. It's such a great cross-section of the community and in my area I was chosen. I was in good company and was honored to be recognized. It shows proof of my accomplishments in my business."
Why did you get involved with YP Voice?
"It's just the motto of the group. There is a lot of great talent leaving the area. The group aims to put people on boards in the community. We want to make sure there is a good crop to pick from to help the community grow."
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
"Probably still helping people in Oswego County. I donıt see myself moving out of the city. I will be involved with the community and maybe doing something in the non-profit arena."

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