Robert Berkley


Job Description: Owner, Robert Berkley Physical Therapy P.C.
Daemen College — B.S. in physical therapy
Civic Leadership:
Board member of Young Life; deacon at Helm Grace Christian Church; PT for Junior Hockey League Admiral's hockey team

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What made you decide to open your own business ?
"I hoped that I could serve my patients better. One of the things I enjoy is using my knowledge to make people feel better. I can do that more freely in my own facility."
You take New Visions interns into your office. Why is educating others so important to you?

"You have a lot of knowledge and this knowledge is passed on. You get a sense of satisfaction from teaching others. I've had over 19 continuing education courses and it's important to pass it down to the next generation. It makes everybody better."
Your business has more than doubled in a year. Why?
"It has to do with the patients liking the service, getting better and seeing results. Then the doctors send more patients your way. You try to make it a family affair. You have to treat everybody equally and help them see results, then the doctors feel confident. I have also brought some of the latest technologies in physical therapy to Oswego County."
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
"I see myself still producing good quality physical therapy. I see myself furthering my education and bringing the best possible services to Oswego County."

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