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Job Description: Youth program coordinator
SUNY Oswego — B.A. psychology, MS human services counseling
Civic Leadership:
B Sunrise Rotary of Oswego; events chair, YP Voice; vice president, National Management Association; former trustee, village of Hannibal

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Why do you view working with youth as a passion and career?
"Young people often times are victims of their circumstances. The situations they're put into aren't always a result of the choices they've made. I think it's important to empower them and educate them on how to make healthy choices so they can become productive members of the community."
What made you get involved with Fulton School Mentoring Program?

"I designed that program and worked with a grant-writing program and the community. One of the things about resiliency in youth is that it has a common factor. The one thing that makes them overcome their risk factors the most is a positive adult role model in their lives. The more supportive adults in a young person's life, the more successful that young person is. The program works and mentoring is effective."
Why is civic involvement important to you?
"It's always important to give back to the community. I've been provided with a lot of opportunity and giving back is important to me."

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