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Nick Canale Jr.Owner, Canale's Restaurant, Oswego

Job Description:
Involved in all operations of the business.
Education: Bachelor's in economics, University of Rochester.
Civic Leadership: Harborfest board member; Greater Oswego Chamber of Commerce board member and 2004 secretary; OCBD board member; Taste of Oswego committee member; Pumpkinfest chairman; former board member of CNY Chapter, NYS Restaurant Association.

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Why did you start The Giving Tree business?
"My wife has a knack for that sort of business. We saw a small niche we could fill in downtown Oswego. So far it's worked out pretty well."
Why do you think it's important to promote business in Oswego County?
"A vibrant town will help tourism and trade, that's part of the reason we located The Giving Tree downtown. As a business owner I think it's important to stay active in the community and work for the entire community. It helps everybody in the long run."
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
"We are expanding our business and taking on a lot of frozen foods. We're putting a take-out restaurant in Liverpool soon. I want to stay and keep my home in Oswego."

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