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Matthew ChetneyAssistant VP of Commercial Sales, OCNB

Job Description:
Handles working with local businesses getting them business loans and establishing businesses' banking relationships with OCNB.
Education: Bachelor's in business administration, SUNY Oswego.
Civic Leadership: board member, Harborfest; member Elks Lodge; various committees, Oswego Hospital; council member, Red Cross; currently involved in leadership Oswego County and Oswego County Chamber of Commerce.

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Why did you decide to serve on the Harborfest board?
"I was on one of the other committees before they asked me to be on the board. I accepted the position because of the boost it gives to tourism and the city of Oswego. Without local businesses and larger corporations, Harborfest wouldn't be possible. Sponsorship keeps Harborfest going. I wanted to offer my contacts to a group that is energetic and enthusiastic."
Why do you deal with the golf tournament for Oswego County Chamber of Commerce?
"That has a lot to do with sponsorship, team eventsand local businesses. it's one of the biggest fundraisers for the Chamber and a point of cheer for me ."
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
"I would hope to see myself here at OCNB and in this area. I enjoy my co-workers very much and we work as a team."

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