Brian Chetney

B Chetney

Job Description: Youth services specialist
SUNY Oswego — B.S. history
Civic Leadership:
Board member, Harborfest Children's Board; board member, Salvation Army; member, CNY Board of Realtors; Review Board, City of Oswego Board of Assessment; coach, Oswego Youth Soccer; member, Bishop Commons Men's Club; member, Knights of Columbus

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How did you move from history to youth services?
"Right out of college, I had accepted a job doing title research for homes. After doing that for eight years I wanted some change. I had my own business and I thought it was time to sell."
What kinds of youth performances do you coordinate?

"I am coordinator of Traveling Arts in the Parks. I line up entertainers to perform for free at various municipal sites in the county. A musician might come and we'll try to jump-start a program from that performance. We're always trying to get the community to get kids involved and get kids involved."
What makes the youth of Oswego County so special?
"I think they offer an awful lot. Today's youth are tomorrow's leaders. It's amazing how energetic they are and what their goals are. We want to help kids that are in trouble and help them move in a positive direction."
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
"I want to be working in the community and making positive developments. The youth are a big part of that. If we listen to what our kids have to say, they can do a great job of directing us."

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