Job Description: Store manager
SUNY Plattsburgh — B.S. business management
Civic Leadership:
Member of allocations board, Children's Miracle Network; member, Fort Brewerton-Oneida Lake Chamber of Commerce; member, Rotary

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Why did you choose a career in retail ?
"I had the opportunity with Wal-mart to join the management training program. There was a wide variety of opportunities to pursue and it just progressed from there. I've been manager here for one and a half years."
What made you decide to combine retail and charity?

"Obviously we have a job because of our community and customers. Our customers are the best advertising that we could ever have. It's better than any television slogan."
Why is giving back to the community important to you?
"I am very involved with our community. Walmart has a lot of different grants out there. I think it's important that my employees and I volunteer. We have a program called "Volunteering Always Pays," which allows employees to volunteer 25 hours a quarter and we give them an financial incentive. It's very important to us."
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
"Obviously, I hope to be a successful store manager for the rest of my career. Being successful for my community is important to me now and will still be in the future."

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