Job Description: Branch manager
University of Vermont — B.S. business administration
Civic Leadership:
Harborfest board of directors; City of Oswego Recreation Commission member; member of 10Kan road race committee; past coach, Oswego Junior Hockey Program

2006-2007 Sponsors

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Each year, you attend an annual legislative week in Washington D.C. Why is this?
"I and other national beer wholesalers from around the country go up on the hill and lobby our Congress and Senate on the issues that affect the beer and beverage industry."
Why is Harborfest something you dedicate so much time to?

"It's a great local event and a great event for local businesses. It's great for our community. I like helping with sponsorship and raising money for the festival."
Why are you involved with the youth hockey program?
"I always grew up playing hockey and I wanted to give back to the program. I coached last year and I am still involved with the program this year. Since I grew up playing and always enjoyed it, I wanted to remain a part of it."
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
"I want to be here obviously. Hopefully there will have been a smooth transition from my father and his partners to me. I hope to build on and continue the success they've had."

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