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Jim Dowd
CFO, Vice president, Pathfinder Bank, Oswego

Job Description:
Manages Pathfinder Bank's investment portfolio, exposure to interest rate risk and overall liquidity.
Bachelor's in accounting, SUNY Oswego.
Civic Leadership: Board president, Oswego Harbor Festivals, Inc.; committee member, Taste of Oswego; VP, board of trustees, Riverside Cemetery; finance committee chairman, Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church; audit committee member, Oswego Health.

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Why is Harborfest important to the community? "The economic benefits are huge. Harborfest has a direct economic impact on the city in excess of $6 million. The vast majority of the money spent during the festival stays in the community, where it is reinvested to create an even larger indirect economic impact. The cultural benefits are importamt as well."
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

"In 10 years I see myself right here in Oswego County, my hometown, putting forth my best efforts for the betterment of the community and Pathfinder Bank. My overall goals are synonymous with the bank's long-term goals. My role will expand as the bank contnues to expand the products and services it provides to its customers and the community."

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