Job Description: Owner
Howard University Hospital — M.D.
Civic Leadership:
American College of Surgeons; American Medical Association; American Medical Women's Association; Association of Women's Surgeons; Medical Society State of New York; volunteers time to practice medicine in the Philippines

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What made you want to become a doctor?
"I decided to be a doctor when I was six. I developed meningitis when I was three and the pediatrician that took care of me died when I was 6 of meningitis. That was the importance for me to do medicine."
What made you decide to open your own practice ?

"Rural medicine doesn't usually have a lot of opportunity for academics so I decided to open my own practice."
You are VP of the medical staff and chair person of quality control at Oswego Hospital. Why are these positions important to you?
"If you can make the hospital better, then you can make the care for all the patients better. Anybody on the medical staff should get involved and improve the hospital's care for patients."
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
"Maybe I will be improving the kind of practice structure we have in general surgery in Oswego. Hopefully it will be more cohesive. I will probably be more involved in administrative duties in the hospital. I would like to do more volunteer work. I would like to do more visits to places like the Philippines in the future."

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