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Dawn Fernandez
Director of Medical Staff Development, Oswego Hospital

Job Description:
Staff recruiting and development.
Bachelor's in political science, SUNY Oswego; Pursuing a master's in in counseling services.
Civic Leadership: Member of American Academy of Medical Management;
member, economic development for Greater Oswego Chamber of Commerce; member, Friends of Hospice regatta planning committee.

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Why did you join the economic planning committee? "It was important for what i did here at the hospital. I talked to the chamber folks and it's been a good fit for both of us. It's been really exciting."
Why did you get involved with Friends of Hospice?
"The regatta is a big fundraiser and I wanted to be a participant in that and help to plan it. I think that the program is very important to our community. Hospice played a tremendous role in helping one of my family members."
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

"In terms of the community I'd like to get more involved with child and youth programs. I'd like to stay on the economic development committee. I think that Oswego has so much to offer."

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