G. Furlong

Job Description: Co-owner, manager, Furdi's Modular Homes
Civic Leadership:
Volunteers with local schools and fund-raisers to teach safe racing and as a mentor; volunteer at Oswego Humane Society

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What made you decide on a career in the modular home business?
"My parents started the business and my brother and I have since taken over. I knew this was where I was going to be."
Why do you have such an interest in safe racing?

"I actually race. It's a hobby and I love the sport. I've had different schools ask me to come in so kids can see the cars. I promote safety as well as "staying in school" and "say no to drugs" campaigns. They want someone local who has achieved to come in and serve as a role model to the kids."
Why is working with the humane society important to you?

"I just love animals. My sister-in-law is involved and I help out whenever I can. Whenever there's a fund-raiser, I'm there. It's just an organization that I support."
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
"Pretty much in the same spot that I am in now. Hopefully I will be making some money."

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