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Kevin Gribbon
Mayor, Village of Cleveland; project manager, Huen Electrical Construction & Engineering Services

Job Description:
As a mayor of Cleveland, he is responsible for overseeing all administrative activities in the village. At Huen, he is responsible for scheduling manpower, materials, un-mop-able products and employee safety.
Associate's in marketing, Nassau Collge; BNJATC apprenticeship with IBEW #43.

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Civic Leadership: On-site team for Cleveland Elementary; member IBEW #43; yourh soccer and baseball coach.
What do you like about being mayor? I see the potential that we have rising. I grew up on Long Island and when i moved here I fell in love with the area. We have so much room to improve and I'd like to lead the way in that direction.
Why did you get involved with coaching?
"I assissted the formation of the Northshore Youth Soccer league. My wife was one of the founders and my kids are involved with it. The league just completed its second year."
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

"I don't know. I don't consider myself a politician, just someone who cares about the community. I see myself accelerating with the company I'm with. When my company grows, I'll grow with them."

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