Job Description: CEO/vice president, Oswego Health/The Manor at Seneca Hill
O.C.C., fire protection specialist
Civic Leadership:
Member/chair, The New York Association of Long Term Care Administrators; member, Planned Gifts Committee for Oswego Health; member, Oswego County Opportunities Health Advisory Committee

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Why have you chosen a career in healthcare?
I started in human resources in a nursing home and really enjoyed learning all the different aspects.   It's never boring and there's always something new to learn."
What message about the elderly would you like to spread?
"One thing that's changing is the type of population we're caring for in a nursing home. I would like to see people in our community learn about what services we offer before they are in a time of crisis. We are caring for people of all ages at the nursing home; it's not just the elderly."
Why do you stay so involved in the community?
"I wish I had even more time to be involved. It's a great way to connect my job to the community. Nursing homes aren't just a place to go anymore; nursing homes are an active part of the community."
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

"Continuing to be part of the growth of Oswego Health. I hope to be making a powerful impact on the community."

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