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Jodi Mullen
Director, Integrative Counseling Services, Inc. Oswego

Job Description:
Professor, educator.
Ph.D. in counseling, education and supervision, Syracuse University.

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Civic Leadership: member or volunteer of: Oswego County Crisis Response Team; Disaster Response Team of SUNY Oswego; Jenkins Memorial Scholarship; Critical Incident Stress Management Task Force; Alcohol Services of Oswego County; Oswego County Catholic Charities; SAF Abuse and Assault Hot Line.
Why did you get involved with the two crisis response teams?
"I also work at SUNY Oswego and one of my friends was a university police officer and he encouraged me to do it. Once I got involved I got so committed to the effort. These organizations work so the rest of us can feel safe."
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

"Right here in Oswego. The thng that is most important to me is providing education and training to mental health pprofessionals so we can better provide services to families and children. The services to children and families are incredibly limited. I want to create opportunities for more children and families to get the help they need and provide the training to the people that can do that."

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