C Nelson

C Nelson

Job Description: State Farm Insurance Agent
SUNY Geneseo-B.S. management science
Civic Leadership:
Board member, Oswego Health Business Development Committee; first vice president, Oswego Kiwanis Club; board member, Oswego County Traffic Safety Council; board member, Oswego County Farm/Home Safety Day Camp; Knights of Columbus; Chamber of Commerce member; sponsors numerous activities in the county

2006-2007 Sponsors

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Why does your business sponsor so many youth-related activities?
It's just a commitment to the community. I have a commitment to the place I grew up in, so I continue to support and sponsor different youth programs."
Why is child safety important to you?
"The day camp gives kids exposure. They have different stations with topics in electrical, lawnmower, sun, and first aid safety. It's a good way to teach children how to be safe. Hopefully, they take something home with them and an accident is prevented. That program gives back to the community. It's countywide and we get children from all the different school districts."
What made you decide to get into the insurance business?
"I took over for Jerry Stanard and I had some very big shoes to fill. I enjoy working with people on a daily basis and helping them with their problems."
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

"Ten years from now I hope to see my insurance agency continuing to prosper and grow while helping my clients along the way."

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