J Nelson

J Nelson

Job Description: Nelson Funeral Home manager
Arizona State University, B.S. business administration; Simmons School of Mortuary Science
Civic Leadership:
Member, Elks Club; member, Knights of Columbus; member, Oswego Lions Club

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What sparked your interest in the funeral home business?
I grew up around the business. I was born and raised around it. I was always helping with things like cleaning, parking the cars and delivering flowers. Growing up around the business with my father got my interest. My dad started the business in 1972 and I joined him in 2000 after finishing college."
What aspect of your job is most rewarding ?
"Obviously it's a sad time for people, but it's rewarding when you're able to offer a grieving family guidance. It's good to be there to answer their questions and help them plan a meaningful funeral."
You helped design the new funeral home location. Why was that important to you?
"My dad and I sat down and developed a mission plan. We wanted to build a design that would accommodate families. We started building in 2005 and opened the new location in 2006. The new home eliminates elevators and stairs. We wanted to accommodate the older folks."
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

"I definitely still see myself in the funeral home industry. What we started with this new facility has been well received by the community. I just see us growing."

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