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Jodi Mullen
Assistant Director of Campus Life for Student Organization Service, SUNY Oswego

Job Description: Registers student organizations, teaches risk management to the community, general leadership responsibilities, coordinates opening weekend.
Master's in student affairs and higher education, Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

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Civic Leadership: Member SUNY vice president's Subcommittee on Greek Life; vice president for State Operated Campuses of SUNY CUCAP.
How do you help the campus through your job?
"I try to help people and make things come together. I'll get a student with an idea and be able to connect him or her with services, other pools of students and staff. When students are involved a lot of wonderful things happen on campus. I also get to help student groups start up."
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

"Hopefully wherever I am and whatever I am doing, I will still be in student affairs at some level. If I'm still here at Oswego, I'll look to get us more involved with the community. There's a lot of room for growth to make Oswego County a better place. A lot of campus groups help the community. We've done a lot in the past and in a few years we'll build on those relations."

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