Job Description: Vice president/Oswego office branch manager, HSBC Bank USA, NA
Pursuing degree in business administration at SUNY Oswego
Civic Leadership:
Member-Oswego Rotary club; member-Women's Network of Entrepreneurial Training; member-Oswego Network of Entrepreneurs

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What drew you to a career in banking?
I had always been interested in the industry. In college, I worked for Auxiliary Services in the bursar's office. So I started with banking at the college. Getting a taste of that kind of work interested me."
HSBC supports Literacy Volunteers of Oswego County. Why is this organization an important one?
"Any organization that's a non-profit that's working to support our community is an important one. Everybody wins when we are educating our community and children to help them succeed."
Why do you have such an interest in entrepreneurial organizations?
"As a bank, we work jointly with small businesses to help them succeed. Being part of those organizations helps us assist them when they have questions. We can give advice and form relationships with those businesses."
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

"Obviously, I'd like to pursue being successful as a business woman. I see myself still successful in a career with HSBC and working toward better things. HSBC is very supportive and likes to see people succeed and move forward in the company."

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