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Maureen Quinlan
Executive Director
United Way of Greater Oswego County, Fulton

Job Description: Works for the community to ensure money that is raised is directed to address the most essential human needs in the county.

Bachelor's in international relations and public relations, Syracuse University.

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Civic Leadership: Past president and member of the Fulton Kiwanis Club.
Why did you work with the Kiwanis Club?

"Because I appreciated what its mission was and what the organization represents; helping the children of the world. I got to focus on Fulton children and work with a good organization and a great group of people. I enjoy working with people with a passion for what they do."
Why do you enjoy working with the United Way?
"It's great because you work with so many volunteers. The backbone of this organization is volunteers, and that's my favorite part of the job. The United Way gets involved with many, and I get to see what I do have an impact on the community."
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
"I hope that whatever I'm doing that I still have a leadership position in the community. Whether it's 10 or 20 years from now I always want to be in a position to be making a positive difference in the community where I live."

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