Job Description: Vi Accountant/enrolled agent, RJ Caruso Tax & Accounting
RIT/SUNY Oswego, B.S. accounting
Civic Leadership:
Financial director, Greyhound Outreach, Inc.; member, National Association of Enrolled Agents; member, National Association of Tax Practitioners

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What made you decide to work with the IRS?
I got into the accounting field and started doing a lot of tax work. I was more of an expertise in the tax field. We deal with small business tax preparation and that was the route I wanted to go."
Why did you get involved with Greyhound Outreach?
"It really started in March of 2004. My wife and I had been doing some research and saw these dogs. They were so calm and good with kids. We just fell in love with that breed of dogs. We get to see so many of them and get to pick them up for hauls."
You started a program for auto racers. What made you combine tax preparation and auto racing?
"I grew up around the track. I just had the racing connection. We just started having people referred to us. We started a separate Web site for the business. We started a separate payroll service for racers."
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

"I don't see many changes. I love what I do and love the work I do here. I hope that the economy in this town can turn around a little bit so I can continue with what I do. I want to continue to help my clients grow and get involved more with the community."

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