Job Description: Journeyman/ nuclear mechanic Entergy Nuclear, James A. Fitzpatrick Nuclear Station
SUNY Oswego, B.A. public justice
Civic Leadership:
President/ firefighter/ E.M.T., Mexico Volunteer Fire Department; union steward, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers; member, BPOE Elks Lodge; member, Red Knights International M.C. (Charity for Clark Burn Unit)

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What made you decide to pursue a career as a nuclear mechanic?
I started out as a security guard here at FitzPatrick. I then got involved with a New York State apprenticeship program. It was something that interested me and here I am now."
Why is fire safety and firefighting so important to you?
"I've been a volunteer firefighter for eight years. After you've been a fireman and seen the outcomes of structure fires, you see how dangerous fires can be and how important fire safety is."
You've been involved with funding for the town of Mexico fire department. Why is that important to you?
"That is one of the jobs of the president and fire chief; it's an annual task. With the costs of fuel and operations rising, it's difficult. It's important to keep funding in order to operate at the level we currently operate at."
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

"Hopefully continuing on the path with the fire department and maybe in a different capacity here at FitzPatrick."

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