Job Description: Attorney and assistant city attorney, Shanley Law Offices
Vermont Law School law degree
Civic Leadership:
Member/fundraiser chair (golf tournament), Oswego Humane Society; volunteer, Titanic Affair; member, Board of Harborfest Directors; chairperson, Fur Ball Pet Walk

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What originally sparked your interest in law?
It was my father. My father is a lawyer so I have always been around it."
What turned you on to the human services side of law?
"I think it was through my passion for animals. At first I thought I would get into environmental or animal law. Then I came back to Oswego and went into the family court realm and got involved with the humane society. That way I got both aspects."
You have worked with animal welfare law in your career. Why is that important to you?
"I have worked on a couple of animal cruelty cases. I've helped the Oswego County Animal Welfare League. I have also aided law enforcement and the humane society in some cases. Right now there are no animal cruelty investigators in Oswego County. We are currently trying to get one so that person can be involved with the police and sheriff departments."
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

"Probably doing the same exact thing. My family is here. I'll be involved with the humane society and still doing legal work."

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