Job Description: Event and marketing manager, Oswego Harbor Festivals, Inc.
SUNY Oswego-B.S. marketing
Civic Leadership:
Volunteer, Oswego Chamber of Commerce; coordinator of various community fundraisers

2006-2007 Sponsors

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Why did you turn Harborfest into a career?
It started at a young age. I always wanted to plan events and hold parties. I originally went to school for accounting and then this job opened up. This year will be the seventh festival I'm planning. Seven years later this is what I do and this is fun."
Where do you get your program ideas for Harborfest?
"We lost a lot of sponsors because of the economy of the area. I came up with a lot of my own fundraising ideas and implemented them. Now we have the Bowlfest, 50/50 raffle and a Texas Hold 'Em tournament to make up for the lost sponsors."
What draws you to the event industry?
"I like to make people happy. I've always been that person who wants to make people smile. When you get to create smiles and watch people have fun at something you coordinated, it just makes you happy and everyone around you happy."
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

"I'd like to see myself still in Oswego County and helping with the tourism industry. I want to be bringing back quality of life to the residents of Oswego County through tourism and events."

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