Job Description: Lindsey Aggregates, Inc, Owner/president
U.S. Navy
Civic Leadership:
Donates materials and services to local organizations; sponsor-Bikers Riding Against Child Abuse

2006-2007 Sponsors

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You already have three different businesses. How did you expand so quickly in such a short time?
It was just by working hard. When I accomplish one thing, I try to find something else to accomplish. This will be our sixth year."
Why is donation such an integral part of your business?
"I grew up without a lot. I think it's nice to help people out that need it. We like to help kids out or anyone in need. We've donated to Oswego Little League's new field, cemeteries, and others."
Why do you sponsor Bikers Riding Against Child Abuse?
"It seemed like something to get behind. They have a bike ride once a year and there's about 100 to 150 bikers and they each raise money. It goes to kids that have been abused in Oswego County."
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

"Hopefully retired. I'm not sure, I try not to think that far ahead. Hopefully everything we've done is paying off by then."

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